BMM Advertisement

On the website:

Please remember to select appropriate "Quantity" for the "number of months" you would like to advertise for.

Website Advertisement is $50 per month with 3 months minimum required. Please choose '3' in quantity while paying on PayPal website.

Discounted rate for the year is $500 - just select 10 as quantity to advertise for a year.

In the monthly newsletter (Vrutta):

Please select Printed Advertisement size and Number of Inserts (as Quantity).

Newsletter is printed in A4 size paper. We will refund appropriate discount for multiple inserts .

For more details about color Advertisement in the Paper copy of Vrutta, Contact:

(Discount for multiple inserts - 5% for 3 , 10% for 6, 15% for 9, and 20% for 12 insertions)

Color Advertisement: