Uttar Rang

Brihan Maharashtra Mandal provides a platform for all the activities to help people of Marathi Origin to age gracefully. People over age 50 as well as their children have an important role and say in all these activities.

Meaning of Uttarrang

This word is used in Marathi Kirtan. Kirtan has 2 parts : Purva Rang and Uttar Rang. Our life has also 2 phases: Life until age of 50 and life beyond the age of 50.

Why UttarRang Activities

We have common experiences and cultural background which we want to share. We have common issues to discuss. We have Marathi Mandal and Brihan Maharashtra Mandal to support us as Young adults, adults and aging adults. While enjoying and sharing our commonalities, we need to have a productive, peaceful and enjoyable life after 50. How can we achieve this?

We also need to face the problems of aging. Can we face them collectively as a community?

UttarRang wing will help to find the answers and solutions.

Mile stones of Uttarang Activities

1983 BMM Convention: First time Panel Discussion on Retirement planning.

1991 BMM Convention: First time discussion about graceful aging aspects of life and
Retirement Community for Marathi People.

1991 to 2005: Informal group created awareness, organized group meetings. 55plus groups started in NJ, Washington DC and other areas. An article “AABha ( Ashram of American Bharatiya) the Evening Glory" was published in NY BMM convention Smaranika. It describes the concept and design of Retirement Community for Indians.

2004: Brihan Maharashtra Vritta started a column to give a forum to discuss various aspects of aging, especially in N. America.

2005: The first 2 day Conference to discuss issues, aspirations and options for 55 plus age group people of Indian origin. This was organized in Los Angeles area by 3 families: Sapre, Gore and Mehta. About 100 people from 6 different states attended this conference.

2006: 2nd 2 day conference on Successful Aging in New Jersey. Organized by Avinash Deshpande, Jagadish Vasudeo, Ashok Sapre and Ashok Gore.

2007: BMM EC recognized the need to bring UttarRang Group under BMM Umbrella. 2 hour session on “ Graceful Aging in BMM convention.

2008: Uttarang Action committee ( उत्तररंग कृती समिती) was appointment by BMM President and this committee submitted a white paper to BMM Executive Committee at that time.. This paper was published in BMM Vritta.

(White paper by: Ashok Sapre, Ashok Gore, Vishwanath Date and Vishwas Tadwalkar)

2009 BMM Convention: 3 Hour conference on Graceful Aging.

2013: Two Conferences: Los Angeles California and Austin Texas.

2013 BMM Convention: proposed 2 hour seminar on Uttarrang related issues.

2017 BMM Convention

Presentations in BMM 2017 Uttar Rang Conference

BMM Uttar Rang Mangrulkar Handout 07.06.17

Dr. Medha Pradhan PAIN SYNOPSIS.docx

Dr. Venkatraman Presentation.pptx

Shobha Joshi -Depression in older adults PP.pptx

Shobha Joshi-Anxiety in older adults.pptm

Shobha Joshi-Dementia Presentation.odp

Role of BMM

1. Provide leadership for addressing opportunities, issues and concerns of 50 plus people of Marathi Origin who live in North America. This also includes spouses who are not Marathi.

2. Provide a common platform.

3. Provide a common database of “50 plus” people”, “55Plus” groups and retirement communities.

4. If possible ,help people to deal with aging parents in India by providing information about similar organizations in India.

Future Plan (Recommended Actions by उत्तररंग कृती समिती for BMM)

Summary: Virtual and Actual retirement communities for Marathi. Support system in the Marathi Community. Dialogue with the other Indian communities. Raise awareness of available services to seniors in North America.


Short Term (1-2 years):

1. Create a dedicated UttarRang wing (people, budget, and goals) within the BMM organization and appoint a member to the BMM Executive committee to lead and nurture UttarRang.

2. Highlight UttarRang and its goals at the Philadelphia convention in 2009.

3. Establish "proposed UttarRang activities" as one of the criteria in evaluating proposals for the future BMM conventions.

4. Encourage and facilitate establishing UttarRang activities in each Marathi Mandal, such as the 55plus group in NJ, NY area.

5. Help organize events, nationally and locally, to increase awareness of UttarRang life, and to enhance networking among seniors for group travel tours, home exchanges and/or guest hosting programs, volunteer activities in India and USA etc.

6. Expand communication channels and information networks for UttarRang within BMM the umbrella, including NRIPO( in Pune) and other Marathi seniors groups in other

Mid-Term (2-5 years):

1. Collect UttarRang related data among Marathi people: Demographics and geographic distribution, list of retirement communities with Marathi or Indian residents.

2. Conduct a survey to identify and prioritize issues and concerns of seniors.

3. Dedicate a day at each BMM convention for UttarRang conference (Exhibits, Lectures, social events etc.)

4. Facilitate creating groups of seniors interested in moving into specific existing retirement communities in various geographic regions.

Long-term (5-10 years):

1. Facilitate establishing a retirement community tailored to serve Marathi and other Indian communities.

2. Expand communication channels and information networks for UttarRang within BMM the umbrella, including NRIPO and other Marathi seniors groups in other countries.

If you want to volunteer, give information, write articles or get more information please contact:ashoksapre@gmail.com