Marathi Movies

Movies have become a major part of Marathi culture. Maharashtra's capital, Mumbai, is India's movie capital. India's first ever feature film was made in Maharashtra and by a Marathi. BMM tries to also promote this creative art by making available films or DVDs of quality Marathi movies made either in India or outside.

Currently we are promoting two movies "Lokmanya - Ek Yug Purush" and "Rama Madhav". Please contact Prasad Panvalker via email ( to schedule screening in your city.
Lokmanya - Ek Yug Purush
Movie Trailer -

Rama Madhav
Movie Trailer -
We have successfully promoted the screening of below movies in this year.

1. Mangalashtak once more: 4 Shows
2. Pitrurun: 2 Shows
3. Dr Prakash Baba Amte - The Real Hero: 23 Shows