2017-2019 BMM Executive Committee (EC)

Avinash Padhye, Boston, MA

Avinash has been associated with New England Maharashtra Mandal for last 20 years. He also served as BMM EC 2015-2017 and was also in the BMM Convention Committee 2015-2017.

He actively participated in 1997 and 2013 BMM Conventions in Boston.

Avinash also served as the Providence convention Co-convener for 2013 BMM Convention.

Avinash likes Marathi literature and drama and have written and directed few plays.

Vidya Joshi, Chicago, IL

Doctor by profession in India, practiced as a Family Physician for 10 years, pursued MBA in health care administration from USA , Currently working as Health Service Administrator in Chicago, Published book, 'Homeopathic Ek Veradan', sharing the perspective on the advancements in Homeopathy.

Acting, Dancing (Kathak training), Poetry, Writing, Public Speaking are her hobbies and Passions. She brings wide range of experience to BMM from her effective and motivating leadership at Mahrashtra Mandal Chicago.

Was Part of Chicago BMM Convention organizing Committee focused on North America Programs. Have served Maharshtra Mandal Chicago in the capacity of Vice President , President and Trustee, BMM Representative.

Founded Chicago Marathi Shala in 2014 ,Established 2 branches with 96 Students on Board. Helped Chicago Marathi Shala to get Illinois State of Board Approval, which recognizes Chicago Marathi Shala as a foreign language school in the state of Illinois. This paves the path for our students to earn high school credit under the seal of Bi literacy. This was recognized in BMM 2017 with BMM award for the category of Marathi Shala teacher.

In addition to her involvement in MMC and BMM, she has expanded horizons with other diverse projects like, Ekjut organization for woman empowerment.

Her overall goal is to make the Marathi heritage a bigger part of our lives here in the US.

Megha Ozarker, Houston, Texas

Megha served as the 2015-2017 BMM EC/India Programming Division/Website Admin and 2016 President of Houston Maharashra Mandal (HMM). She was also the President on HMM in 2014. In the past 10 years in US and Canada, Megha has supported Marathi arts, music, and literature by participating in various organizations.

In 2014, with the help of an outstanding committee of 13 people, Megha successfully executed 13 quality events in less than 10 months which were well received by HMM Community. Megha actively participated in 150 miles bike ride for multiple sclerosis awareness and also helped build homes for Habitat for Humanity. During the 2014 HMM Ganeshothsav event under Megha’s Leadership, U.S. Congress Woman Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee honored HMM with a Congressional Recognition Certificate.

Megha was also a part of 2014 HMM Vastu/Temple Fundraising Team and helped the team raise funds, create 3D-animations, and walkthroughs.

Voting EC Members

Ajay Houde, Atlanta, GA

Atlanta convention convener 2005

Settled in US for past 25 years and is associated with several organizations in lead role.

Ajay lives with his wife Anita and kids Amruta and Ameya in Atlanta.

He wishes to work on the active involvement of younger generation in BMM activities.

Hema Rachmale, Detroit, MI

Hema an entrepreneurial philanthropist was born in Latur, and studied Law and Journalism after which she attained a Master’s Degree in Hazardous Waste Management. She owns several post-acute skilled care facilities, a closed-door commercial pharmacy and several realty companies and commercial properties. Through her many ventures, she deals with 400 employees and 250 private residents daily.

Hema has served as the President of the Executive Committee of the MMD in 2001 and later as trustee of the Board (2012 to 2014). Her tenure as President was notable. The MMD celebrated its 25th anniversary, launched its website, introduced the concept of deluxe memberships and established a Youth Committee to engage youth in organization activities.

Hema and her husband, Avinash have continued to remain significant supporters of the MMD (a relationship that began in 1989). They and their three grown children (who refer to her as “Super-Aai”) are actively involved in numerous local community philanthropic and cultural activities and staunchly support fundraising efforts for many charitable organizations.




Sandeep Belkhode, Austin, TX

Sandeep has lived in the United states for the past 17 years. He had the chance to live and work across many big cities in US from east to west coast and also in Canada. Professionally an entrepreneur and working as independent consultant in Business Intelligence area for fortune 100 companies. Sandeep has served as a Treasurer for the Austin Marathi Mandal . He was a cultural lead for year 2016 and has been a committee member for 3 years. In the past two year he had worked with across executive officers from various Mandals and BMM. In these past 2 year he had been the lead coordinator to bring in professional artists and successfully delivered almost 5 big programs in Austin area. He has experience in organizing social events for social cause. Also he has been a part of BOD as Treasurer and Secretary for 3-4 years in a sports(cricket) non profit organization.


Komal Chaukkar, Los Angeles, CA

कोमल चौक्कर, महाराष्ट मंडळ लॉस एंजेलीस, विलेपार्ले, मुंबई. - अर्वाइन, कॅलिफोर्निया: बृहन्महाराष्ट्र मंडळ (बीएमएम) आणि महाराष्ट मंडळ लॉस एंजेलीस (एमएमएलए) यात माझा अतिशय उत्कट आणि समर्पित सहभाग आहे. माझे आपल्या समाजातील तीन पिढ्यांशी दीर्घकाळ संबंध आहेत. बीएमएमच्या मराठी शाळेतील विद्यार्थ्यांचे भाषा कौशल्य आणि आपले साहित्य यांचे प्रदर्शन घडवण्याकरीता मोठे व्यासपीठ मिळावे यासाठी मला मराठी शाळेचे काम करणे आवडेल. मला विश्वास वाटतो की बीएमएमचे लॉस एंजेलीस येथील २०१५ चे अधिवेशन, २००९ पासून बीएमएमची मराठी शाळा आणि एमएमएलए कार्यकारिणी येथील माझा सहभाग आणि माझ्या अनुभवांनी मला आपल्या तरुण पिढीला मंडळाच्या पंखाखाली आणण्यासाठी तयार केले आहे. मला बीएमएम तसेच स्थानिक मंडळांची सदस्यता वाढवणाऱ्या सेवा आणि आपल्या समाजातील सर्व घटकांपर्यंत पोहोचण्याचे उपक्रम सुधारण्यासाठी काम करणे आवडेल. मी बीएमएम कार्यकारिणी मध्ये "वेस्ट कोस्ट" नेतृत्व भूमिकांचा दृष्टीकोन आणेन आणि आपल्या समाजाला बळकट करण्यासाठी बीएमएमला एक पाऊल पुढे नेईन.

Non- Voting EC Members

Outgoing President:
Niteen Joshi, Chicago, IL


Past BMM President 2015-17 and EC member 2013-15.

Niteen has been an all-rounder throughout his high school and college life. He has received best student awards at both these levels. He has been a leader since his college life.

He was the chairman of Students’ Council of Ruparel’s New Law College in 1983. Acting, public speaking, writing, Marathi & Urdu poetry, classical music & Gazals, harmonium and table tennis are his hobbies and passions.

A lawyer by profession in India, he now works as a Chief Financial Officer in Chicago.

Niteen brings along unique and varied experience to BMM. He was the convener of BMM 2011 convention held in Chicago. He has worked on executive committee of Maharashtra Mandal Chicago for many years in several capacities as vice president, president, and trustee. He was a member of BMM EC for 2013-2015 and he also served on BMM Convention Committee for 2015 convention held at Los Angeles

Editor BMM Newsletter:
Dr. Vinata Kulkarni , Chicago

Vinata  has been involved in various social, cultural and charitable organizations' volunteer work such as:  
 - Maharashtra Mandal Chicago, IL,   -(2010-2013) Editor, Rachana, a Quarterly Publication.
-  American Red Cross - Illinois Chapter Activities.
-  Maharashtra Foundation, NJ,   -(2009-2014) Newsletter Editor, and Web Site Assistance. 
-  Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal, North America  - Aug 2007 until Aug. 2010 and from Jan. 2012 onwards. - Editor, BMM Vrutta, a monthly Publication.
-  Marathi Bhashik Mandal, Toronto, Canada  - President (2008) , Web Administration(2008),  Editor (2007) - 'Snehabandh,  a Quarterly Publication
-  Child Find Canada (2006)

Vinata has an avid interest in Marathi and English literature, and writes in some publications in India and North America. 
By profession, she is a university professor in Statistics and Computer Science for Masters and doctoral degree program. She has authored four books (3 Academic/University degree level for Quantitative techniques, and wrote 2 books in Marathi, published by Granthali Publisher, Mumbai,books titled as 'क्षितिज पश्चिमेचे' (2013), ठसे आठवांचे (2017).   

In addition to the executive committee, BMM has following board of advisors

Ashish Chaughule, Delaware

Past BMM President 2011-13, BMM Treasurer 2007-09

Ashish is a founder member of DVMMM and served many positions on DVMMM EC including the president.

He enjoys Marathi literature, art, theatre, music and writes for various publications. Promoting Maharashtra is his passion and chairs global advisory board for maharashtrians around the world.

Founder director of North American Maharashtrian Entrepreneurs (N.A.M.E)

Recipient of United States President’s Voluntary Service Award for the last 6 years. This award is given to individuals in recognition of their voluntary services for Non Profit Organizations around the world.

Ashish works at Citigroup and lives in Hockessin, Delaware with his wife Dr. Ashlesha and daughter Anushka.

Mohit Chitnis, Seattle, WA

Associated with Seattle Maharashtra Mandal as Treasurer (1993, 1994, 2012), Vice President 1995, President 2011

Chairperson of “Budget and Finance Committee” for 2007 BMM Convention in Seattle

BMM Treasurer 2013-17

EC Member & Event Coordinator, India Association of Western Washington (Seattle Area) 1985 to 1989.

Organized renowned musical programs of Indian artists.

Treasurer: Association of Accounting Administrators Washington Chapter.

Participated in charitable organization events.


Rahul Karnik, Dallas, TX

Rahul is a member of the Dallas Fort-Worth Maharashtra Mandal (DFWMM) and resides in the Dallas area with wife, Priya and daughter, Trisha.

He has been actively involved in several community activities over the past 18 years. His involvement in social organizations include: BMM

(Executive Committee member), DFWMM (Committee member, BMM Rep), Marathi Mitra Mandal (Founding member, President). Most recently

Rahul was on the selection panel for the BMM Awards that were presented at the BMM 2015 LA convention.